Fair Launch

The way a protocol chooses to launch plays a major part in its success. There are many different ways you can launch such as a private pre-sale, a public pre-sale and a fair launch. We have decided to opt for a fair launch.

How will it work?

There will be 10,000 total $wsOHMD tokens minted at launch. The launch price of $wsOHMD will be $2.

7500 Liquidity Pool

500 Liquidity Management

2000 Team/Marketing

The 7,500 $wsOHMD tokens for the liquidity pool will be added within the first 24 hours. Initially the pool will have 900 $wsOHMD tokens in it on launch. Then as investors buy $wsOHMD tokens and take them out of the liquidity pool the liquidity manager will take the deposited wwDOGE tokens out of the pool, pair them with more $wsOHMD tokens and deposit more liquidity. The manager will continue to do that until all 7,500 tokens are in the liquidity pool. The liquidity manager will be looking to add the liquidity between the $2-$8 price range.

We have chosen to launch in this way for a few reasons:

-We have seen a lot of scam tokens and rug-pulls launched through launchpads and feedback from investors was that trust in those projects was very low and they preferred a fair launch.

-Doing a fair launch when all the liquidity is added on launch has a huge downside. What typically happens is investors with more resources and trading bots are able to place the first purchases and everyone who buys after them increases the price of the token and after enough people come in those first few investors dump their positions and take profit at the expense of the other early buyers who just weren't early enough.

Our goal is that none of our early investors end up cannibalizing each other and racing to see who can be the first one to sell to take profits out of the liquidity pool. Gradually adding more liquidity as investors buy in should mean that we don't see the massive volatility that you typically see at launches and avoid the huge price dumps after the initial surge. This means that our early investors know that we are protecting their investment.

Our goal is to have a healthy chart that is continuing to trend upwards after launch and that our early investors get the benefit of some price appreciation and can take healthy profits along the way without damaging the protocol. We look at our investors as shareholders in the Olympus Doge project and investors purchasing the $OHMD token through bonding and the liquidity pool are buying shares in the project, and as we continue to develop more revenue streams and increase the treasury the value of their investment will increase over time.

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