We are proud to present to you our Original Olympus Doge NFTs.

They are a collection of 777 NFTs inspired by medieval fantasy. The art style is pixel art with mainly DOGE motives.

NFT use cases:

The main use case for our NFTs will be to boost emissions for your staked assets in our protocol.

How to obtain those NFTs?

The first batch of 777 NFTs is the rare Generation 0 collection. We will be dividing the collection into 10 batches of 77 NFTs each.

Of these 10 Batches, 1 batch will be divided between the original creator and the team: 44 NFTs allocated for the collection creator Mr Enri, creator of the famous “Fantom Lords” collection in the Fantom chain. He will distribute them among their community. (5.66% of total supply). 33 NFTs will be allocated to the team (4.25% of total supply).

The other 9 remaining batches will be allocated in the following way:

1x Batch - Marketing and partnerships (9.91% of total supply).

2x Batches - Community Events (19.82% of total supply).

3x Batches - Bonding Rewards (29.73% of total supply).

3x Batches - Flash Sales (29.73% of total supply).

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