Olympus Doge will have a fair launch. The team will supply the initial liquidity and then the $OHMD token will be available to trade. Dates, DEX and contracts to be announced soon!

Expansion Rates

$OHMD has a variable APY that is based on the health of the treasury. The APY will be dynamically adjusted to ensure that the treasury is always able to maintain the hard floor price. The goal is to have a consistent APY that can be sustained for the long term. Investors returns comes from supply growth over the long term which happens through the compounding over time through each rebase. The treasury will also support the token price through regular buyback and burns of the tokens to help control inflation of the token.

Team Distribution

Team gets allocated 20% of the initial token mint split between the core team and partner projects. 20% of the treasury funds goes towards staff costs and partnerships/marketing.

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