How to add Dogechain to metamask

Step-by-Step Giude

The DogeChain network is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible network, which means you can add it to your MetaMask wallet quickly. To get started, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Visit the DogeChain bridge official homepage.

  2. Select the Connect Wallet button to automatically add the DogeChain RPC to your MetaMask wallet.

On this page, you will have the option to connect your wallet. Click on that and you will be asked which wallet you want to use for adding the bridge DogeChain network. Select MetaMask and you will get a popup on your MetaMask wallet for the first step, where you would be asked to connect the site and then, the main information of the addition of DogeChain bridge will be shown.

DogeChain RPC Details

If you want to connect your MetaMask directly to DogeChain, the verified RPC details are:

  • Network Name: DogeChain

  • Network URL:

  • Chain ID: 2000

  • Currency Symbol: wDOGE

  • Block Explorer URL:

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